Intelligent Scheduling



Resource Manager is a Resource Scheduling and Planning application. Resource Manager can handle any type of resource (e.g. Instruments, Operators, Rooms, Vehicles). Tasks can be assigned to one or more resources at the same time. Scheduling can be performed manually or automatically. Automated scheduling takes into account suitability and availability of resources.

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Resource Manager can handle any type of resource. Each resource can be described using a set of attributes. Attributes can indicate things like training received or competency level of an operator. For instruments, attributes can indicate what methods the instrument is capable of and the parameters of operation (e.g. operating temperature range)

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A task is a unit of work to be scheduled. At a basic level, a task has a Task Type and an expected Duration. This can be enough to match the task against  suitable and available resources.

Tasks have numerous properties that can be used to influence the way they are scheduled. For example, tasks can have constraints that force the scheduler to only allow scheduling on certain days.


Resource Manager uses Operating Patterns to manage availability of resources. Operating Patterns can be used to reflect complex work/shift patterns. The availability management feature allows for very simple assignment of operating patterns and easy handling of exceptions (instrument breakdown, operator sick leave etc). Availability management also deals easily with routine operations such as managing scheduled instrument downtime or operator holidays



Resource Manager includes a number of useful reports that provide insights into your operation. These include Workload Reports, Resource Loading Reports, Resource Loading Maps.


Resource Manager also exposes an ODATA data service. This can be used in conjunction with compatible tools such as Microsoft Excel to generate complex queries and reports directly on the Resource Manager data.

The ODATA service also facilitates the easy integration with other systems. 

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Resource Manager allows you to define multiple organisational units. These Org Units can be in different time zones and contain different sets of resources.

With appropriate access, users can see the schedule for other all Org Units and leverage capacity where it is available.