Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS 

Pharma Implementation Solution

Implementation of a LIMS in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing environment is a time consuming process. With an out-of-the-box Enterprise LIMS such as SampleManager, there is a need to configure the system with all of the elements that are needed in this industry. This is before we begin to implement the specific business needs and master data requirements. 


We have partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to bring our experience of implementing LIMS for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The result is the Pharma Template which provides a standardised SampleManager configuration for Pharmaceutical QA/QC. 


This reduces implementation and validation efforts and results in a faster and less costly implementation.


The advantage is that you still have an Enterprise grade LIMS that can grow and change with your business. 


Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS Pharma Solution is an implementation and validation accelerator which uses industry-standard features, expertise and experience to expedite return on investment and reduce project risk 


  • Pre-configured industry standard capabilities

  • Full documentation from URS to OQ scripts

  • Risk-based OQ process

  • Pre-executed OQ scripts

  • PQ guidelines and coaching


  • Review and Approval Module

  • Pre-configured workflows control data entry and management

  • Drives adherence to SOPs

  • LES enforces method and analyst qualification

  • Fully configurable audit trail