At Orbis Labsystems, cloud based systems and SaaS  software are at the heart of our own operations. Many of our customers have moved laboratory software to the cloud or are in the process of doing so. 

We can offer expertise in this area to help make the move to the cloud.

Data Cloud


We are not tied to any particular cloud services vendor but we have most experience with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


The simplest move to cloud is a lift and shift where you replace on premises hardware with cloud based resources.

Server Installation


A strong focus of our cloud strategy has been to develop cloud based architectures that can work with existing software but leverage the benefits of cloud services (such as hosted databases). Where possible, we will leverage cloud native infrastructure


One of the challenges particularly with LIMS and cloud is integration. There will always be physical instruments in the laboratory generating results. How do we get those results to a cloud based system? We utilise integration tools such as Logic Apps to facilitate on-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud integration scenarios.

The options for integration are huge - including LIMS to ERP or LIMS to Historian systems

Image by JJ Ying


If an objective of your business is to focus on the core business functions, then we can host your solution for you.

We can even provide managed data services where we take on the task of keeping your master data up to data with your guidance