Orbis LabSystems’ informatics solutions and product offerings combine to increase efficiency, improve compliance and ensure maximum return on investment for the laboratory. With a commitment to innovation and the ultimate goal of working towards the paperless lab at the heart of what we do, our dedicated and experienced  team  work actively with each client  to improve efficiencies and deliver world-class solutions to meet their individual needs.

We offer LIMS implementation, laboratory integration, resource management and consultancy using our range of partner and in-house products.


Upon request we can provide our customers with a business benefits analysis and solution payback metrics for solution justification. Post-implementation we continue to work closely with each client to provide ongoing support and ensure the expected solution benefits are achieved.

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Innovation is central to our business.  We develop applications to further automation in the laboratory, including systems integration and resource management.  Orbis has integrated a wide range of ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Chromatography Data Systems and Instruments to LIMS.  Our Resource Management product is used for optimising people and instrument usage in the laboratory.


Orbis Labsystems has partnerships  with industry leading software and service providers. We work closely with our partners to develop product-specific integration software, enhance our service offering and provide a value added offering to our customers.

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